How NOT to Meet Your Neighbors

26 Jul

For those of you who have been following our Pigeon Saga, consider this part 3.

I grew up in your typical American suburb where one front yard flowed right into the next with relatively little distinction and our neighbors were within arm’s reach. Husband, however, had a slightly more rural upbringing. With almost 2 acres to roam and plenty of distance from the neighbors, he was raised to get things done without worry about how the nearest locals might react.

When we discovered our pigeon infestation, my first thoughts were nest removal, traps, or maybe even a wooden owl to scare them away. However, none of these options occurred to husband. There was only ever one option for getting rid of them: a BB gun. While, I wasn’t completely against the gun, I did warn him that he really shouldn’t be shooting anything because he was going to scare the neighbors.

Several weeks after I gave him a stern warning that “city-folk” spooked easily (advice he had taken with a roll of his eyes), I received a frantic text message from our next-door neighbor while I was in our closet putting clothes away.

“Are y’all ok?” she wrote.

“Yes, we’re fine. Why?”

“OMG! Lindsey down the street just saw a man walk into your house carrying a gun, and she called the police!”

Without knowing where my husband was, I knew exactly what she had seen. I ran into the living room, and sure enough, there he sat with his BB gun in hand. I explained the situation to him as pleasantly as I could while trying to avoid the 4 words that no man wants to hear: I told you so.

He, of course, thought it was ridiculous that anyone would freak out, but I was relieved that we have neighbors who are watching out for us.

Thankfully, we were able to calm everyone down, and the neighbors called the police back and told them everything was ok. But we learned an important lesson: Introduce yourselves to the neighbors before you introduce them to your pest control methods.

3 Responses to “How NOT to Meet Your Neighbors”

  1. Dad at 6:04 pm #

    LOL!!!!!!! now that’s funny!! I must side w Preston on this one. Yall really do have “citified” & paranoid neighbors.


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