Style Files: Sconces on a Shoestring Budget

30 Jul

Today’s Tip: Creating your own sconces

Challenge: We had purchased a beautiful painting for the dining room and wanted sconces on either side to match. However, I couldn’t find anything remotely close to what I had pictured and had a tiny budget to make it happen.

Solution: Homemade sconces made possible by one fantastic 50% off Hobby Lobby sale! Here’s the result, and I’ll explain below how you can do something similar at home.

To get this look, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose the colors you’d like to focus on. In this case, I wanted to pull out the reds, pale yellows and greens in the painting.
  2. Visit Hobby Lobby when the floral stems are 50% off, and choose the elements of your arrangement. Be sure to include a few larger blooms and some greenery. I also love to include berries and sticks to give the arrangement height.
  3. You’ll also need some sort of container. I lucked out with these woven, pottery-shaped sconces. They were normally $40 a piece on clearance for $8.
  4. Be sure to grab some sort of moss (located near the Styrofoam) before leaving. It took me 1.5 bags for both sconces combined. Note: There are several different moss options, but I chose the greenest one because I wanted color and not the dry-looking Spanish moss.
  5. Now it’s time to put the arrangement together. Start by filling the base with the moss to a height of your liking. Note: It is hard to shove the stems through the moss, so don’t fill it too high.
  6. Trim your stems so that they aren’t too long, but the tips will slide into the top of the moss layer.
  7. Begin with the bigger blooms and sticks and then build in the smaller items (such as berries and leaves) after.
  8. While making the arrangement, I found that the leaves on the blooms got shoved down into the neck of the sconces, so I cut them off and moved them to different locations with some floral wire – It worked great!
  9. Because the arrangement will be placed against the wall, be sure to make it on a flat surface to give you a better idea of how the flowers will “bunch” once you hang it.
  10. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!

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