Lamp Collection or Obsession?

11 Aug

Husband insists that I have an unhealthy obsession with lamp light. After the sun has set in the evenings, I often walk through the house and turn on lamps because I absolutely love the soft glow that permeates the house. It has so much more of an inviting feel than the harsh overhead light.

Disclaimer for the energy-conscious: I only turn on lamps in the rooms we are in every night, and I have CFL bulbs in all of them.

Whenever I visit any home decor store, I always make a point to go down the lighting aisle because I love seeing the creative, artistic ways people have invented for displaying light – and the more unique the better. I can even tell you the best place to look for lamps when you’re on a budget:

  • Garden Ridge: They have the widest selection of lamps. Often you’ll have to dig through piles of shades and bases in their mix-and-match set-up, but if you have time to dig, you might just find your next illuminated treasure.
  • Kirkland’s: Their lamps are slightly higher quality, and generally have a more detailed design. They have a much better selection of floor lamps, and if you shop during a sale, you can’t beat their prices. P.S. If you haven’t already, sign up for their e-mail list because they’ll send you a weekly coupon.
  • Hobby Lobby: I really don’t recommend buying a lamp from Hobby Lobby, unless they are 50% off. Even then, they are much pricier than both Kirkland’s and Garden Ridge. However, you will find the most unique lamps at Hobby Lobby.
I’ve collected 15 lamps since we tied the knot, and they are all displayed throughout the house. They range from my 10″ tall kitchen counter lamp to the beautiful 6′ floor lamp in our living room, but my favorite is the one that I splurged on from Hobby Lobby (pictured above), which matches our guest bedroom perfectly. Here is the rest of my collection – er – obsession.

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