Top 10 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season

27 Sep

Friday marked the first official day of fall, and ushered in my absolute favorite time of year. Autumn is especially welcome this year after the scorching Texas summer we’ve just endured, so I’d like to celebrate this occasion with the top 10 reasons why fall is fantastic:

  1. Pumpkins. Whether you’re baking pumpkin pie, carving  a pumpkin, sipping on a pumpkin spice latte, or savoring a slice of pumpkin cheesecake, these orange gourds have become a symbol of the fall season.
  2. The Weather. As the thermometer makes its steady decent towards winter, my spirits increase with each degree the temperature drops.
  3. Football. Whether you really get into the gridiron battles or not, you can appreciate the fun of attending a game, or if you’re like me, the fun of planning a tailgate party.
  4. Thanksgiving. I absolutely love this holiday – and it has nothing to do with the delicious food. Okay, it does a little. But the reason I look forward to Thanksgiving each year is the time spent with family and the ability to reflect on how God has blessed us!
  5. Halloween. As one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, this one had to make my list. Now that we have a home in an actual neighborhood, I can’t express my excitement about having little trick-or-treaters show up at the door!
  6. Fashion. I’ll admit the weather hasn’t exactly caught up to my wardrobe. I pulled out my scarves and tall boots a little early, but I so enjoy pulling all of my favorite outfits out of hibernation this time of year.
  7. The colors. Crimson, cranberry, mustard, bronze, copper, marigold – the palette of deliciously warm colors is such a cheerful part of the season.
  8. Apples. Crisp as the weather, this fruit is harvested in its finest form in the fall.From apple pie to caramel apples, there are unlimited ways to enjoy its sweet goodness.
  9. Fairs and Festivals. They pop up all over the place during the months of October and November. From local main street events to large state fairs, the smell of funnel cakes and corn dogs fills the air and brings a smile to my face.
  10. Meeting your neighbors. We’ve recently been able to meet more of our neighbors who were hiding indoors all summer away from the heat. It’s pleasant to offer and receive a friendly wave from across the street!
So, fellow autumnites, would you add any items to my list?

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