The Blind Leading the Blind

13 Oct

As you know by now, there wasn’t much left to our house when we purchased it back in March. When the house was foreclosed the previous owners took all of the blinds and window treatments. Husband and I thought replacing the blinds would be one of our easiest projects, considering the renovations we were planning, but we were wrong.

As newbie homeowners, we thought windows (and thus blinds) came in standard sizes, so we took some generic measurements and went merrily on our way to Home Depot. Little did we know that this would be one of many trips because blinds are cut down do the exact measurement of the windows – leaving a 1/4 inch gap on each side for the brackets.

But, we finally got it right, and the managers at Home Depot were even kind enough to recognize a cry for help when they saw one and allowed us to return the misfit blinds – even though it was our fault. We went with white 2″ faux wood blinds for all the windows, except for our kitchen window where we went with real wood to compliment our cabinets.

So, learn from our mistake and be sure to take exact measurements if it’s ever time to replace your blinds!

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