Style Files: How to Create Custom Curtains with Little Cost

27 Oct

Window treatments certainly aren’t the cheapest part of decorating. And with a decorating style that my grandmother would describe as “champagne taste with a beer wallet,” I’ve certainly had to compromise on the cost of curtains. But I wasn’t willing to compromise on style. With a little creativity, some clearance bin digging, and my mother’s excellent seamstress skills, we were able to create a custom look without paying for it. Here’s how we did it:

Formal Dining Room Curtains

  • I found 2 beautiful faux-silk panels on clearance at BB&B for $29.99 a piece.
  • Then, I found a local fabric warehouse that carried a variety of trims, where I discovered the perfect accent for my new panels at $6/yard (I bought 3 yards). If you’re in the DFW area, the Fabric Yard can be a lifesaver for DIY projects.
  • Next, I made a quick trip to Marshall’s where you can find discounted home goods when you know what you’re looking for. In this case, I did. I picked up a curtain rod that matches the dining room furniture for $20.
  • Below are the pictures of the final product, which if you’re keeping track, cost a total of $68 – a steal for custom curtains that usually cost hundreds. Now, to be fair, I did get the labor for free (Mom refuses to let me pay), so that may be an extra expense you’d incur if doing this on your own.
Bedroom Curtains
  • I found some simple white linen panels at IKEA for $19 a piece (x4).
  • I purchased 2 extra yards of the fabric used for the comforter in the guest bedroom makeover at $7.99/yard to make a custom border at the base of the curtains.
  • Then, Mom found a tassled trim that matched the bedroom pillows for a steal at $5/yard – we needed 6 yards.
  • Finally, Mom worked her magic and I have custom curtains in the guest bedroom for a fraction of the price ($126)!

2 Responses to “Style Files: How to Create Custom Curtains with Little Cost”

  1. Dad October 30, 2011 at 11:07 pm #

    very impressive….and beautiful job!


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