Save $ By Stocking Up After a Holiday

1 Nov

Well, Halloween came and went, and those trick-or-treaters helped us out by putting quite a big dent in our candy supply. We did have to take some leftovers to work, but at least our house is candy-free. Now it’s time for one of my favorite money-saving decorating tips: Purchase holiday decor right after the holiday is over. Most stores will have items discounted right after a holiday, and that’s when you can swoop in and stock up for next year. If you’re looking, Kirkland’s may be a great place to start!


2 Responses to “Save $ By Stocking Up After a Holiday”

  1. Diane November 2, 2011 at 6:59 am #

    My wallet is twitching!!!


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    […] fireplace with the original white candles after Halloween seemed a little boring. So, I took my own advice, and hit Hobby Lobby this weekend to see what I could scrounge together. The results were a new […]

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