Building Our Home On a Solid Foundation

4 Jan

“As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”
Jeremiah 24:15

These words greet all of our guests as they walk through the front door. They are words that we strive to live by, and while we don’t always succeed, the words are a constant reminder of how we want to run our household.

We had this verse in mind back in March when we first purchased our home. The house was in need of some foundation repair, and as a result, we had holes drilled into the two front rooms of our house so that beams could be placed beneath the foundation. Although it created quite a mess, we used the opportunity to live out the words in our entryway.

We found verses that had to do with building a home and a foundation and wrote them on stationery. Then, we wrote prayers on the back of the paper asking the LORD to help us live out the words we had written. We threw the prayers into the holes before they were filled so that the scripture could literally be the “foundation” of our house. It think it was one of the best improvements we made to the house!

Husband and I have plans to plant more verses around the house in the future, but we want to hear your ideas. What creative ways do you use scripture in your home?

3 Responses to “Building Our Home On a Solid Foundation”

  1. Katy at 7:51 am #

    That’s so neat. Whenever Smith Elementary was first build my principal let us go in the classroom and write scripture all over the concrete floor before they put carpet in. Now each year he takes the new staff underneath the building to write scripture or a prayer on the beams below the school. It was pretty neat to go under the school. I hadn’t thought about doing that at our home. I think I might get Matt to go up in the attic and we can write scripture up on the beams in the attic!!

    • House to Home at 6:00 pm #

      That sounds like a really cool idea!

  2. Dad at 12:35 pm #

    Very creative! I’m impressed.

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