It all started one summer under the pines of a sleepy East Texas town. We were two camp counselors stuck together on dish duty. Over piles of  leftover green beans and pans full of chicken grease, we planted a friendship. That grew into a romance. That blossomed into commitment.

Fast forward a few years, we’re happily married, but still doing dishes. We recently purchased our first home, and in this blog are our adventures of turning a house into a home.

Here’s the story of how we came to own our first home.

If you want to read the full story of how we met, check out each of these blog posts:

If you want the short version, here’s a little background on each of us:


Imagine a mix of John Wayne and Evel Knievel. He’s the strong, silent type – the opposite of a social butterfly – who appreciates someone who can get straight to the point. But he’s  loyal to those he loves, and would give the shirt off his back to make them happy. In contrast to his slow stubbornness is his inner dare devil. His need for speed (usually achieved on his motorcycle) keeps Wife in constant worry.


A Southern belle to the core, she believes there’s no such thing as too much company or too many shoes. You can learn all you need to know about her by the contents of her purse: a Bible, pepper spray, cowhide wallet, and enough toiletries and snacks to survive if stranded for a few days. Her interests include writing, reading, cooking, yard work, and decorating – an expense that keeps Husband in constant worry.

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