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How to Make a Rustic Diaper Cake

13 Feb

As you all know, Husband and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our nephew in April. Well, I guess I’m the only one who’s anxiously awaiting, but we’re both excited about getting to spoil the little guy.

The nursery bedding inspired the theme for the BBQ baby shower.

One of the things that is keeping me busy until he decides to arrive is helping to throw a baby shower for my sister. Using the nursery bedding as inspiration, we are planning a BABYQ party, complete with mini BBQ sandwiches and teacup size servings of banana pudding. The invitations and decorations all tie into the theme, but more on that later.

Today I want to focus on the diaper cake my other sister and I created last weekend. We had two goals with the cake: 1) Match the theme and 2) Include as many useful things as we could. Here’s what we came up with.

Making a Diaper Cake

  1. Start with a solid, sturdy base that will be used to transport the diaper cake. In this case, we used a large white platter.
  2. Roll up individual diapers (like a tortilla wrap), using scotch tape to keep them coiled.
  3. Pack the diapers as tightly as you can until the base is the size you want, then wrap your ribbon around the entire layer to hold it together. We used hot glue to keep the ribbon secure, but you can also just tie it.
  4. Create a solid base for the next layer. We covered a paper plate with some cute rodeo scrapbook paper and used pinking shears to cut a cute border into the paper.
  5. Then we stuffed newborn socks into six different bottles to create the next layer. This was my sister’s idea, and I love the way it turned out!
  6. We placed another paper plate on top of the bottles, using a small dab of hot glue on the top of each bottle to add stability.
  7. Then, we created the top layer in similar fashion to the bottom layer, only smaller.
  8. Finally, we created the topper by using more of the ribbon on the two diaper layers, as well as some raffia.
  9. The last step was to tie pacifiers into the top bow and at the center of each diaper layer.

We can’t wait for our sister to see it!


Mantel Makeover

2 Feb

Well, I’m in a decorating slump. Now that the Christmas decorations have been put away, the fireplace is looking forlorn. We finally got the TV set up downstairs (it will soon be mounted on the wall), and my mother got me these two beautiful candlesticks for Christmas. Other than that, I don’t know where to go fireplace decorations.

I’ve considered apothecary jars, garlands, a pot of sage or gold hydrangeas for the mantel. Then comes the base of the fireplace. I don’t even know where to start there.

So, I thought I’d ask you. What should I place on the mantel?

  • Apothecary jars with wine corks
  • A seasonal garland
  • Lanterns with candles
  • A stack of old books
  • Potted floral arrangements

Before & After: Master Bedroom

26 Jan

When we first started designing the master bedroom, we knew we wanted it to be a peaceful retreat where we could relax, and I especially wanted to take advantage of the small bay window by turning it into a reading nook. While we’ve made a lot of headway with the room, it’s not quite finished. I was waiting to post pictures until I had it completed, but I’m realizing it’s going to take longer than I thought.

We painted the walls a wonderful color called wheat bread, added a silky-soft area rug, and two vintage tufted chairs that I picked up from a local resale shop for $25 a piece. I plan on recovering the chairs, but that’s one of those projects that may take awhile to get to.

So, here are the almost-after pictures:

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Flip This House

24 Jan

We have some exciting news! As you know, Husband and I purchased our home when it was in foreclosure and disrepair – just check out these before pictures (which don’t really do the damage justice). After 8 months of hard labor and nonstop projects, we decided to refinance the house at a lower interest rate.

Included in the refinance is another home inspection, which was completed by the same person who did our inspection the first time. In addition to saying he was impressed with our work, he valued the house at $40,000 more than what it was valued at when we bought it and $70,000 more than what we paid for it! While we did have to put some money into the house to get it to this point, our return is almost triple our investment.

We have no intention of selling anytime soon, but it was a satisfying feeling to know that our hard work (and the hard work of our loving family who painted countless walls and ceilings) has paid off. Here are some of the room makeovers we’ve completed:

Guest Bedroom


Media Room

Half Bath

Master Bath

Formal Dining



Style Files: Simple Valentine’s Day Decor Idea

23 Jan

As Valentine’s Day draws near, I’m finding it harder and harder to resist adding little splashes of pink and red to every corner of the house. While I’ve definitely toned it down from my other holiday displays, I did add a little flavor of love to the window above our kitchen sink.

My latest project was recycling these old apothecary jars (which aren’t the cutest, I’ll admit) by adding a different candy to each one.

I was really surprised by the variety of Valentine candy offered at Wal-Mart, so I had plenty to choose from.

I placed a picture of Husband and I in a pink frame beside these candies for a cute little touch of love!


Style Files: A ‘Love’ For Decorating

9 Jan

You know that empty feeling you get once all the Christmas decorations are put away? Your house still looks the same as it does 11 months out of the year, but it feels like everything is so sparse. Well, I hate that feeling.

So, I decided to cheer up the entryway by getting a jump start on my Valentine’s decorating. Now, Husband and I don’t make that big a fuss about Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to decorate with my favorite color – pink. Or, as a true steel magnolia would put it – blush and bashful. So I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and there was no shortage of supplies in my hallowed hue.

I decided to make a Valentine’s swag to replace the Christmas and fall wreaths that I’ve hung over the entryway mirror for the past few months. It took me all of 20 minutes to make, and I’ve completely fallen in love with the result.

How to Make a Valentine’s Swag

Step 1: You’ll need a dried grapevine swag (or wreath).

Step 2: Purchase one large center flower, two smaller flowers for the sides, and some tiny floral sprays for accents. I chose a large hydrangea for the center and 2 ranunculus for the side flowers. Ranunculus are some of my favorite flowers – they were in all the bouquets at our wedding.

Step 3: Begin by hot gluing the tiny sprays at the center of the swag. Then, add the large center flower followed by the two side flowers.

Step 4:Finally, add a few leaves in there to provide some contrast and make the swag look more natural.

Step 5 (optional): I chose to hang a small silver pendant with an inscription about love on it. I used some 3/4 inch wire-edged ribbon and tied it to the bottom of the circle in the center of the swag.

Finally, I took a few vases I’d saved from past Valentine’s when Husband sent flowers and filled them with some fragrant roses. They are a cheerful greeting each time we enter the house!

Style Files: Making a Scripture Memory Board

31 Dec

Tomorrow marks the first day of 2012. A new year. A fresh start. Endless possibilities. I don’t know what this new year will bring, but I do know that I’m going to start it on the right foot. That’s why I’m joining Project Scripture.

In order to get started, though, I needed a scripture memory board. Using Mrs. Hargrave’s board as inspiration, I took a trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get my supplies. $8 and 5 minutes later, I had my memory board. Here’s how I did it:

Step 1: I needed a cute picture frame that could sit on my bathroom counter. I figured that was the best place to ensure that I would read it every day, and because I don’t have a TON of counter space, I chose to go with a smaller 5×7 frame. The frame I chose has an antique white finish with light pink filigree accents. It’s very feminine, but that’s exactly the look I wanted.

Step 2: I picked out a nice burlap fabric and purchased 1/8 yard (the smallest amount Hobby Lobby will let you purchase).

Step 3: Cut a piece of burlap to fit in the frame, then use the dry erase marker to write your verse each week.

If you’re interested in joining us, please do! I’ll keep you updated on my progress each week.