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From House to Home

19 Jul

For those who know us, Husband and I are not people who jump into things quickly or without a great deal of thought. Some may call us slow, but we prefer stubborn. Neither of those traits, however, can describe the way in which we purchased our first home.

We had been saving for months, pinching pennies where we could, in order to move out of our noisy apartment complex in Dallas to the quieter suburbs. Although we’ll always remember that little apartment that nurtured the first years of our marriage with fondness, it was time to take another step in our journey together.

So, once we saw that we were going to hit our savings goal, I began to research. I looked at several cities and narrowed it to one. Then came zip codes. Then, after spending weekend after weekend driving through our new berg, I finally narrowed our search to several neighborhoods.

When the time approached, we contacted a  family friend, who also happens to be a fantastic realtor. She made a list of houses for us to visit based on our interests, and our first day of house-hunting was scheduled for the end of January. That’s where the whirlwind began.

On our first day of house-hunting, we had 8 houses to see. The first few were nice, but we just didn’t get the feeling that we were “home.” Then came the 5th house. We walked through the front door, and Husband didn’t make it past the entryway. He stood there in silence, and after a few moments said something I’ll never forget: “This is it.”

My jaw dropped. For a man who never does anything quickly, this seemed like a pretty major decision to start on. It was a foreclosed home, and the cracks in the walls, broken window, missing appliances, and dirty floors looked like a pretty tall order for first-time home buyers. But I had to admit, I saw the beauty in the floor plan, and it had that homey feel.

Although I was charmed by the architecture, the very apparent structural fixes that were needed had me hesitant to agree on the house. The following day, we drove to the house again – this time by ourselves – and parked on the curb out front. We prayed that if this was meant to be our house that God would make it abundantly clear to us. Then, we drove home.

We weren’t home 2 hours when we received a call from the realtor in a tizzy. Another offer had been made on the property, and if we wanted to make it ours, we would have to make an offer that same day. We exchanged one meaningful glance, and never looked back. 72 hours later, the bank had accepted our offer (even though we were lower than the first offer!), and we were under contract on the house. We closed a month later.

So, that is the story of how we came to own our first house, and the rest of the stories that follow are our adventures of turning it into a home. Enjoy!