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Great Gift Idea: Personalized Bench

23 Dec

Christmas is right around the corner, so I thought I’d give all of you an early Christmas present. My lovely sister-in-law is a crafting queen, so I asked her to share some of her most recent projects with us. She has created four festive items for this time of year, and I’ll share one each day (in her own words) from now until Christmas!

Project 1: Personalized Bench

One of my friends is having a baby boy, so I wanted to make her a personalized gift for the nursery. I found this unfinished bench at Michaels’, used a coupon and bought it for 10 dollars. She loved this gift at her baby shower and it looks so cute in her son’s cowboy themed nursery! (watch the slideshow at the end to see all the steps)

Materials Needed to create bench:

  1. Unfinished bench ( I found mine at Michaels’)
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. White and black paint pens
  4. Bandana
  5. Acrylic Sealer
  6. Painters Tape
  7. Paintbrushes

Step 1: I painted each section in the colors I wanted first with several coats. To create the wood look I taped it off with painters tape and painted it a solid brown, then went over it with a mixed white and light brown to create the effect.

Step 2: To create the cow print I free handed these misshapen circles with the black paint pen on both sides of the white!

Step 3: I painted the bandana print with black and white paint pens. This print was free handed, but you can always copy and trace it using a self made stencil. Or, you can trace it onto paper, lay the paper down, use a sharpie to make the print bleed through, then trace it with the paint pen. You use this same technique when placing the letters on the stool, and the side symbols. I found the symbols on Google and printed off the letters from Microsoft word. Lastly, spray the bench with sealer!

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