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End of the Pigeons (we hope)

2 Aug

If you’ve been following our blog for very long, you’re familiar with our pigeon problem, as we’ve documented here¬†and here and here. Well, I believe we’ve finally arrived at the end of the saga.

After our fiasco with the neighbors, Husband decided to try chicken wire to keep the pigeons away. One quick trip to Home Depot, and we had our supplies for what we were both convinced would be the end of the pigeons.

Husband did a fantastic job – he even spray-painted the chicken wire the same color as our roof so it wouldn’t be visible from the street. I held the ladder while he cleaned out their nest once again and sealed of the corner of the roof with the chicken wire and staple gun.

The next day, he arrived home from work a little earlier than I did, and I received a text message from him with the following picture:

I was amazed that those little rascals were able to squeeze behind the chicken wire and get themselves trapped, but I was even more amazed (although I shouldn’t have been) at the picture that followed, along with his message: “I bagged my limit!”

I guess Husband got what he wanted in the end.