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Painting Partner: A Review of the Ryobi Backpack Tool

16 Aug

From the first time we stepped foot in what would become our first house, one thing was for sure: We had a LOT of painting to do. While we knew we would need some help, we were determined to do most of it ourselves. We did this, of course, to save money, but I should have known that Husband would need the flashiest tool he could find at Home Depot – theĀ Ryobi Backpack Sprayer/Roller.

Although I rolled my eyes when he pleaded for it, I have to admit it came in rather handy. The “tank” holds a gallon of paint and is worn in backpack fashion. The tool is powered by a hand drill battery, which pumps the paint from the tank into the roller. A trigger on the roller allows you to squeeze more paint onto your surface – saving time and your back! If you ever have a large amount of painting to do, we recommend it. Here are the pros/cons:


  • Backpack design saves your back from having to constantly bend over for more paint
  • Roller and sprayer heads allow for different types of painting
  • Backpack canister holds plenty of paint
  • Battery-powered pump allows for continuous paint flow


  • When the roller is full of paint, it becomes quite heavy
  • Cleanup is quite a job – paint has to be cleaned out of the tank and hoses
  • You will need a compatible battery – which can actually be a pro if you already have one
So, if your next painting project calls for more than your average paintbrush, this may be the tool for you. And at $50, the time and backache it saves you is well worth it!